CBD Olie 4 van de beste producten om CBD in uw huidverzorgingsroutine te brengen

CBD Olie 4 van de beste producten om CBD in uw huidverzorgingsroutine te brengen

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CBD Olie


Yes, over the past year or so we’ve all heard all about CBD creams, CBD drops, CBD water — CBD everything. It’s as pervasive as Starbucks. So it’s not a total surprise, then, that CBD-infused beauty products have also been trying to attract customers without making too outrageous of benefit claims. But are they any good?

Let’s begin with a heads-up: Full-spectrum CBD (sometimes referred to as hemp oil) contains THC, the psychoactive, euphoric part of the hemp plant, and some full spectrum CBD/hemp oil serums — available mostly in droppers, gummy bears, and gel caps — can produce a positive THC drug test. To be clear, full-spectrum CBD doesn’t make you high, even if the test result says it does. I stopped smoking pot more than 25 years ago because I don’t like the sensation — or feeling perpetually sleepy and hungry. And since I’ve introduced CBD products into my daily routine, I’m free from a huge host of ailments I suffered from, including occasional insomnia, muscle aches, arthritic pain, and more. I’m a believer.

And since I’m a proud black belt beauty expert in anti- aging skin care and devices, I was dabbling with and testing CBD beauty lines nearly a decade ago. But until I started using a non-THC CBD serum to counteract exercise stiffness and joint pain, the whole head-to-toe CBD lifestyle didn’t really connect with me. First the drops got me; then the leg salve; and then the facial regimen. No, it hasn’t replaced my other, more comprehensive skin care regimen, but it’s certainly now an additional part of it. A big part. 

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